Building biblatex-biber (again)

I recently posted some information on building biblatex-biber. Since then, v0.5 of biblatex-biber has appeared and there are some positive changes. The code now creates its own file to grab the required Perl modules. So on Mac OS X (Snow Leopard) and Ubuntu (9.10) all I needed to do after downloading the source was

perl Build.PL
sudo ./Build installdeps
./Build test
sudo ./Build install

at the Terminal. The second step grabbed all of the modules needed and everything worked fine.

On Windows, life is still a bit complicated but I now can get things to work. A bit of a trawl on the Internet led to a blog post about Text::BibTeX. At the moment, the solution is still in beta and so there is a bit of work to do. With Strawberry Perl installed I went to the Command Prompt (as Administrator) and started the cpan program. At its prompt I did

install Config::AutoConf Capture::Tiny IPC::Run
install A/AM/AMBS/Text/Text-BibTeX-0.40_3.tar.gz

which all seemed to work. After downloading and unzipping the source for biblatex-biber (which is in .gz format, so use something like 7-Zip to open it), still as Administrator at the Command Prompt I did

build installdeps
build test
build install

and everything worked. So I’ve finally got it working across all platforms. Hopefully the Text::BibTeX install will become easier when it moves from beta status.

Royal Society of Chemistry TeX Template

A while ago I talked about the variation between different chemistry publishers in their LaTeX support. Looking for something on the Royal Society of Chemistry site today I find that the people at Physical Chemistry Chemical Physics have created an updated template for TeX users. I’d say that is good news: remember of course that the journals are not typeset from the TeX source.

EuroTeX 2009 Proceedings

In my post box a few days ago was the proceedings of the EuroTeX 2009 conference (TUGBoat 30:3, which I get as a joint member of TUG and UK-TUG). Quite a few of the articles are about ConTeXt, not surprising as the 3rd ConTeXt meeting took place in parallel to EuroTeX. The highlights will be different for everyone, of course. I’ll pick out a few articles that caught my attention (and perhaps add a few more in a later post):

  • Siep Kroonenberg wrote about maintaining a (Windows) network installation of TeX Live. While not a step by step guide, I found this a useful insight into getting started on providing multi-user access to TeX.
  • Péter Szabó looked at optimising PDF size, both using pdfTeX and with post-production tools. This has come up recently on the TeX Live mailing list, so it was interesting to see more detail about the concepts involved.
  • Taco Hoekwater explained how the development work on LuaTeX has finally removed all of the Pascal code from the sources, and why this was a ‘Good Thing’. An interesting insight into work at the engine level.
  • In the ‘Abstracts Only’ section I was particularly interested in one about PPCHTeX by Hans Hagen. PPCHTeX is an approach to typesetting chemical structures in TeX, and is therefore of more than passing interest to me in my day job.

I note for my diary that EuroTeX 2010 is scheduled for the 25th to the 29th of August 2010 in Pisa. I’ll see how my diary works out: perhaps I’ll make this one!

biblatex reaches v0.9

A couple of days ago biblatex v0.9 appeared on CTAN. As usual, there is a long list of changes, bug fixes and so on. The restrictions on inclusion in TeX distributions have been lifted, and so it’s already available in TeX Live. At the same time, biblatex-biber has been uploaded to CTAN, so hopefully ready to use versions will be added to the distributions at some point (MikTeX is likely to be first, I suspect).

I’ve just uploaded an updated version of biblatex-chem to CTAN, to keep in sync with the changes in biblatex. I’ll try to get biblatex-nature and biblatex-science done in soon (today) so that everything is working.