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The need to have public timetables for large projects is something I mention quite a bit on the LaTeX-L list. The LaTeX3 project has run for many years, and at the moment there is no public indication of when a “LaTeX3 kernel” might be available. As I’ve mentioned that I’m working on siunitx v2, I guess I’d be hypocritical if I didn’t have some kind of public statement about how things are going.

The plan at the moment is something like:

  • Christmas period. Re-code number output and tables.
  • January. Look at extending unit system to cope with more cases.
  • February. Additional items (such as awkward symbols). Write basic documentation for v2.
  • March. Public beta one for testing. Continue to write documentation
  • June. Depending on feedback and success, release siunitx v2.

As you can see, I’m hoping to get everyhting revised for TeXLive 2009, having learnt from getting siunitx v1 out. Of course, this is subject to change (and other committments), but I think it’s pretty achievable.

3 thoughts on “Developement Timetables

  1. I wouldn’t go as far as to require timetables for the community project but a little bit more regular and public updates wouldn’t hurt for sure, especially for such a high-profile project as LaTeX3.

    Of course providing timetables as you did is even better 🙂

    I was wondering about your plans for number formating rountines in siunitx. In particular, are you going to introduce some new functionality? One thing that I have in mind is to be able to format numbers independently from their input format. Right now I do some format massaging in external scripts before passing data to siunitx but it would be great to get rid of that. To give a few examples:
    * supply a number in engineering or fixed point notation and be able to specify if the output format should be in a*10^b notation or fixed point and how many significant digits it should contain
    * supply uncertainties in alternate notation 1.234567 +- 0.0054321 and have it automatically formated to 1.235 pm 0.005 (or 1.2346 pm 0.0054 depending on how much accuracy we want to retain for the error part) or 1.235(5)

    As for the table formating stuff, are you familiar with Christian Feuersaenger’s package pgfplotstable? The focus of this package might be slightly different then siunitx but I think there’s a lot of overlap as well. You may find it particularly interesting from the point of view of its user interface.

    Best wishes for 2009,


    • Timetables are always a problem with community projects. My thoughts on timings are meant to be pretty non-specific: what I hope will work out rather than tying things down. The advantage of the blog format is that I can quickly update things as the situation changes. For the LaTeX3 people, there is more complexity as there are several people involved, all of whom have “real life” commitments.

      On the siunitx comments: blog post coming up!

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